In summer 2024, I'll be joining DraftKings as a full-time software engineer at the Boston HQ.


Actively contributing to StackOverflow with 130+ answers and 20+ questions. Ranked in the top 15% of the site's 14+ million registered users. Through my answers and questions, I've reached over 280K professional and hobbyist developers.



Supported iOS SDK development of DraftKings' flagship native applications. Integrated into the team as a full-time junior developer, I regularly participated in ticket design, code review, and testing.


DPL Financial Partners

Integrated directly with DPL's 6-person engineering team to implement features across the many tools and applications offered. Over the two months spent there, I made 120+ merges for a total of 500+ code contributions to production.


Serving as president of HackPSU, overseeing the execution of the largest student-run hackathon at Penn State. Responsible for the management and coordination of all nine internal teams.


Led a team of four to procure corporate sponsorship upwards of $50,000 for our 24-hour, fully student-run hackathon.


Penn State Baseball

Lead Software Engineer

Implemented a cloud-hosted SQL database and API enabling our data analysts to query and insert large volumes of data. Practiced with load balancing volumes of data exceeding multiple Gigabytes.


Susquehannock High School

Project Nolan

Selected to serve on a team of three to lead the design and production of a 3D-printed prosthetic, enabling a kindergartener with cerebral palsy to properly hold a lunch tray alongside his fellow classmates. Read more.